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I thought I’d let a couple of our nurseries describe the varied colors of this fabulous plant, after all they say it much better than I could:

This ever-colorful evergreen’s leaves keep growing in yellow-orange-red-green marbled patterns…” – Cistus Nursery

New growth emerges in tones of hot orange-red and then changes to gold that is irregularly splashed on deep green leaves. NO OTHER HARDY VINE has foliage this color and this dramatic.” – Xera Plants

Trachelospermum asiaticum ‘Ogon Nishiki’ is a feast for the eyes. When I went looking for a shade tolerant vine to plant in these two dish planters I wasn’t sure about this choice, fearing it was a little busy.
planters with ring

But now? I am thrilled with it. There are so many colors! And the potentially harsh gold tones are muted by all the greens.
Trachelospermum a

And there’s orange too!
Trachelospermum b

I was interviewed the other day for an article and the author said something about my liking bright colors. It really caused me to pause, I don’t think of myself as liking bright colors.
Trachelospermum c

Maybe it’s just that I only like certain bright colors?

What about you, bright colors in the garden, yea or nay? Oh and a couple of other brightly colored/patterned foliage plants I’m currently digging…