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Order status

Plants usually ship within 1-2 weeks, but we will post any known nursery delays on this page.

We’ll contact you if there are individual order issues.

Sunshine Farm & Gardens

The Primula japonica are ready for shipping! We appreciate your patience while we’ve waited for these beautiful plants to reach the right stage of growth to ship safely. Orders including Japanese primroses will begin shipping next week, April 25th. 

Sebright Gardens

Spring means tender new growth on many perennials, which is unfortunately too delicate to ship. Orders including plants that are at this fragile stage will be delayed until the new growth hardens off enough to ship safely. Thank you for your patience.

Secret Garden Growers

Due to overwhelming interest (thank you, gardeners!) the nursery is working to catch up on existing orders before accepting new orders. Once the nursery is caught up, we will restore inventory and new orders can be placed. Thank you for your patience.

Gossler Farms Orders

Shipping will resume depending on weather conditions both at the shipping destination and along the shipping route. The nursery does this to help assure your plants arrive safely. Customers will be notified when their orders are shipped.  Customers in southern states should start receiving shipping notifications in March. Customers in colder areas can expect their orders to begin shipping in April to May, depending on location and weather. Thank you for your patience.

Bloom River Gardens

Bloom River monitors weather conditions both along the shipping route and at the final destination. Orders will be shipped as weather permits, to ensure your plants arrive safely. Orders from colder areas may not begin shipping until April or May. We will notify customers when the nursery ships their orders. Thank you for your patience.

Still have questions about your order?

Message us, we’ll ask the nursery