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Order status

Plants usually ship within 1-2 weeks, but we will post any known nursery delays on this page.

We’ll contact you if there are individual order issues.

Hydrangeas Plus

Orders placed over summer will begin shipping in early fall. Shipping is projected to resume September 12th, weather allowing. This is to prevent damage from heat along the shipping route and/or at the destination.

Gossler Farm

Summer is upon us. Due to high temperatures, orders placed after July 1st will be held until late September, when cooler temperatures will allow safe shipping to resume. Because no one likes getting a box of crispy plants in the mail, except maybe an herbarium manager.

Secret Garden Growers

Shipping will be delayed the week of July 24-30, due to high temperatures. Hot weather can damage plants both in transit and once they are delivered, if not taken care of immediately. Shipping will resume once temperatures fall to an acceptable level.

Bloom River Gardens

Regular shipping will resume September 12th. Thank you for your patience while the nursery waited for temperatures to cool so your plants could be shipped safely. 

Still have questions about your order?

Message us, we’ll ask the nursery