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Contribute Photos

Our global network of photographers provides plant-lovers with a diverse collection of images for most plants.

Become a photo contributor

 We want to help the gardening world learn more about all kinds of wonderful plants. You too? Even if you are not selling plants through Plant Lust or listing your plants for gardeners to discover you can join us, and get some free press to boot.

Plant Lust uses photos from many sources. For consistency’s sake, we only use photos of plants in garden settings. We do not use photos that include watermarks, branding, people, or other products. We do occasionally include photos of wildlife in photography, so long as the photo is focused on the plant.

One plant photo is never enough – we want to see them at different stages, sizes, seasons, you name it. We use photos from all around the world so people can get the real scoop on a plant. If you choose to share your photos, they will be included in the plant photo gallery, along with other photographers’ contributions. Please see our Terms of Use for details.

How does it work?

 It’s pretty simple. If you have photos of plants with plant names specified, you can contribute your photos. With your permission, we can collect photos from your existing website, including social media sites, you can email us, or we can set up a file share for larger collections which you have not shared online. 

Copyright info

 We list you as the photographer and copyright holder, with all rights reserved unless you specify otherwise, and link back to the website of your choice.

We only publish photos when the original photographer has granted us explicit permission or licensing rights. Please be certain you own the image and have the legal rights to share an image with Plant Lust. If you have sold exclusive rights to a stock photo company or publisher, we cannot use the photo. Please see our Terms of Use for details.


    Where are the photos you're interested in contributing?