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Refunds and Replacements

Our nurseries guarantee plants to be correctly identified and healthy upon delivery. Please get in touch if there is an issue with your order.

You can expect to receive plants with healthy root systems. Your plants should fully rebound from shipping stress. Some leaves or minor stems may be damaged in transit, but should not affect the long term health or structure of the plant.

When your order arrives, immediately unpack your plants. Follow any enclosed instructions. We cannot guarantee plants that are not promptly removed from the packaging. Plants cannot survive extra days without light, airflow, and water. 

In shipping living things, problems can crop up. Packages can get lost, delayed, or mishandled in transit, which can spell doom for a plant. In that case, we will offer to refund or replace the plant, depending on nursery policy and plant availability. 

Send a photo to within 24 hours of delivery if you are concerned about a plant’s condition, even if you plan to wait and see if the plant perks up after unboxing. We will plan to refund or replace plants that are not viable, or offer advice to revive a plant. 

We will do our best to assist with any issues. Please be aware there are many variables that affect a plant’s health outside the nursery environment. We can’t guarantee plants beyond the initial delivery period. That said, if the nursery is experiencing the same problem with their stock, they may opt to replace or refund the plant outside the normal arrival window.