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Start Selling Mail Order Plants on

Not ready for sales? You can still list your inventory

Dedicated nursery shop

You get a dedicated shop complete with the smart search, filters, and shopping cart features available site-wide.

Multi-nursery marketplace

New customers discover  your nursery when they buy your plants from our multi-nursery marketplace.

Ready for mobile

Because shoppers are buying more and more from their phones and tablets, your shop is mobile-ready.

Flexible payments

Your shop enables secure payments with PayPal, Amazon Pay, and credit cards. You receive monthly checks from Plant Lust.

Your Plant Lust Shop

List the plants you offer in your existing mail order or plant delivery business. Your personalized Plant Lust shop gives your customers all the advanced searching and filtering capabilities available on Customers can browse your shop, or all nurseries at once.
Nursery-specific data
Your shop is personalized with your nursery details, including a brief description, contact info, and photos representing your garden style.

When browsing your shop, customers will exclusively  see your plant descriptions and availablity. Your custom shipping costs are applied at checkout. 

Your plants and descriptions also appear in the multi-nursery marketplace, where new customers can discover your nursery.

Additional Plant Lust data
Your plant data is supplemented with educational details from our research team so that your listings are easy to find, and include the things gardeners need to know.

Our global network of contributing photographers and nurseries continues to provide customers with a look at a diverse collection of images for most plants.

How it Works

1. Customers order from
  • Customers receive a Plant Lust order confirmation
  • Customers can contact Plant Lust for support
  • Our support team will facilitate customer communication as needed
2. You receive orders via email
  • You receive an instant email with order details and a packing slip
  • You notify Plant Lust of any delays or shortages
  • You receive a weekly summary of open orders
3. You ship orders
  • You ship with your usual shipping service and schedule
  • You include the Plant Lust packing slip so the customer has contact information
  • You omit price info, so there is no potential discrepency between your nursery prices and your Plant Lust shop markup
4. You confirm shipments
  • You provide tracking numbers to Plant Lust, which are passed along to customers
  • You confirm shipping costs (only needed if you have variable shipping rates)
  • You get paid monthly for shipped orders

Getting started

We can work with what you have. Send us an exported spreadsheet from your tracking system, if possible. While slower, we can also use your website or PDF catalog if  necessary. Our team is here to assist you.

Fees and Payments

We are committed to a sustainable sales model that allows independent nurseries to profit. We only make money if you make money.

Free to List

Plant listings are always free, as they have been since 2010.

Optional Markup

You have the option to mark up customer prices on your shop to maintain your profit margin.

10% Order Fee

There are no upfront charges. A 10% fee includes payment processing charges. The fee subtracted from order totals in your monthly payment.

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