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Nursery FAQ

Our mission is to help independent nurseries thrive. We provide free access to our full-featured, mobile-friendly e-commerce platform through our website where millions of gardeners are already searching for plants.

What is Plant Lust?

A platform for mail-order nurseries to sell plants. It is free to list unlimited plants and we offer a sliding scale for fees on plants sold, so each nursery can sell profitably.  See an example of a nursery shop on our site.

Who is eligible to sell on Plant Lust?

Plant Lust provides a marketplace for nurseries with existing mail order or wholesale operations. You do not need a website or catalog of your own so long as you can provide us with your listings, prices, and sizes. 

We guarantee delivery of correctly identified healthy plants to our customers, and we ask our partner nurseries to honor this guarantee.

We ask that you stay in communication to confirm order shipments, or promptly notify us of delays or out of stock items, so we can communicate order status with customers in a timely fashion.

How do I set up sales through Plant Lust?

Complete the nursery sign up form to specify your listing and payment details.

We will send your sales via email, or if arranged in advance, integrated with your existing sales system (subject to platform capabilities).

How do fees work?

You set the prices for your plants and shipping. Listings are free. Plant Lust collects a percentage of sales. When you sign up, you specify whether you would like to deduct our fee from your monthly payout, or charge your customers markup to cover some or all of the fee.  

What can I sell on Plant Lust?

Plant Lust exclusively sells plants. Plants may be sold in pots or with accessories, but we do not sell tools or accessories independent of plants.

How do I ship Plant Lust orders?

You use your existing shipping process. You include Plant Lust packing slip with orders.

We assist with customer communications. We answer basic customer questions when we’re able. We’ll pass along questions only you can answer.

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