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We want to help the gardening world learn more about all kinds of wonderful plants.

You too? Even if you are not selling plants through Plant Lust, you can join us, and get some free press to boot.

How does this really work?

It’s pretty simple. If you have information about plants, in a catalog, on a website, or heck, on paper, we’ll add your info to the site, and give you credit so people know where the good plant dirt comes from.

What’s yours, what’s ours?

If you have plant descriptions, we will quote you directly, and credit you (we’ll correct any typos we notice).

If you have plant photos you’d like to share, we list you as the photographer and copyright holder, with all rights reserved unless you specify otherwise, and link back to your site. Plant Lust uses photos from many sources. For consistency’s sake, we only use photos of plants in garden settings. We do not use photos that include watermarks, branding, people, or other products. Please see our Terms of Use for details.

We research every plant we list and categorize plants so people can find them easily. How else could we have the simplest plant search in the world? This includes things like zone, sun exposure, flower color, etc. We may get some of this from your info, and we always compare a few sources, since this isn’t an exact science.

One plant photo is never enough – we want to see them at different stages, sizes, seasons, you name it. We use photos from all around the world so people can get the real scoop on a plant. If you choose to share your photos, they will be included in the plant photo gallery, along with others. Please see our Terms of Use for details.

You are welcome to use any plant details from our site, as long as it isn’t a photo or copy credited to another source (like descriptions from other catalogs). Need us to provide something special, like a file you can import into your own database? Want to use some of our photos? Get in touch, we’ll see what we can do. Just be sure that you take note of information that is credited to someone else – we want to respect copyright.

What’s the catch? How do you make money?

We aim to be the go-to resource for gardeners looking for plants. We list plants for educational purposes even before they are available to purchase, which is why we include nurseries that don’t sell on our platform.

We make money through our sales platform that allows mail-order nurseries to sell plants online. Selling is completely optional.

Nobody likes breakups, but…

If you should decide you want out, it’ll be simple. Contact us, and we will remove your organization name, plant descriptions, and photos from the site. We would miss you, but we wouldn’t make a scene.