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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Plant Lust?

A single source to shop for mail order plants from multiple independent nurseries in the United States. Shop all nurseries

How much does shipping cost?

Our nurseries each have their own shipping calculations: most often a combination of the number of plants in your order and shipping distance. You can preview your shipping costs before finalizing your order.

If your plants are shipping from multiple nurseries, you will have charges for multiple shipments. We may be able to consolidate your order with fewer nurseries to save on shipping. Feel free to get in touch at and we will be happy to help.

If you’re new to mail ordering plants, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not very cost effective to ship just one or two plants. It usually costs a minimum of $15 to ship that first plant in the box. However, the shipping price doesn’t rise much as you add more plants to the same box; the best economy comes from placing a larger order. We humbly suggest that plants look great planted in groups of three.

Where does Plant Lust ship to?

Most of our nurseries ship throughout the USA. Restrictions and regulations may prevent shipping certain plants to certain states in order to prevent introducing pests, disease, or invasive species to susceptible areas. We will notify you if we run into restrictions.

Our nurseries occasionally ship international high-value orders. Customs requirements and delays are not uncommon. We are unable to guarantee safe international delivery, even though shipping can get quite expensive, so we recommend locating nurseries in your country whenever possible

Where does Plant Lust ship from?

Our business office is in Portland, Oregon. Plant Lust joins forces with multiple nurseries with stellar reputations for selection, plant quality, and reliability.

Our nurseries are located throughout the United States. We also list some international nurseries, but we are not offering mail-order from other countries at this time.

In addition to the nurseries publicly listed on our website, we offer plant location services from other nurseries. We charge the greater, $1 per plant or a 10% finders-fee for plant location services, total charges will be included in your order form. Submit plant locator requests to

When does Plant Lust ship?

We offer year-round shipping, subject to weather and peak season delays. Because we offer thousands of plants from all over the country, shipping timing can vary, but nurseries do their best to ship within 1-2 weeks under typical conditions. We’ll update you if we expect any delays. Check our order status page for any known shipping delays.

We rely on weather forecasts along the route rather than specific dates to determine a safe shipping window. Delivery trucks and warehouses are not climate controlled, so plants can experience extreme temperatures in transit. During unfavorable weather conditions, expedited shipping may be available for an additional charge. Some nurseries will ship outside their normal shipping windows if you want to waive their usual guarantee of safe arrival, but we only recommend this option if you’re an experienced gardener and understand the risk.

Inquire if you need a plant delivered during a specific time period. We will work with your schedule when possible, or refund your order if we can’t accommodate your delivery window.

After plants ship, we pass along tracking numbers to let you know when to expect delivery.

Email to get in touch if you have questions about your expected shipping timeframe. Shipping dates cannot be changed after plants have been prepared for shipment, so please plan accordingly. 

How are plants shipped?

Each nursery has perfected the best shipping technique for their plant selection and growing methods.

Plants listed with a pot size are shipped with soil intact in a pot. Bagged rootballs have the pot removed, with the soil intact and placed in a bag for shipping. Bare root plants are shipped without soil, which makes for lighter packages and more economical shipping. 

In order to keep shipping prices to a minimum, our nurseries negotiate the best possible rates with the carrier of their choice: typically USPS, UPS, or FedEx. If you choose to have your order delivered to a post office box, you must use USPS since UPS and FedEx will not deliver to post offices.

How long are plants in transit?

Once your order is shipped and a tracking number is provided, the shipper will be able to estimate the delivery date. Transit-time depends on the shipping method and how far an order has to travel. It can take a week to cross the country via ground shipping. Fortunately, our partner nurseries employ highly skilled packagers who painstakingly wrap and box the plants to withstand the shipping methods they offer. 

We may recommend expedited shipping methods to ensure the health of plants depending on the weather.

What about plant substitutions?

We will always send the specific plant variety you ordered unless you’ve approved a substitution.

Plant inventory changes often, sometimes more quickly than nurseries are able to update their online offerings. If a nursery is sold out of a plant in your order, we’ll do our best to find a suitable replacement for the same size and price. 

If a substitution requires a change in size, price, or other substantial difference, we’ll contact you for prior approval. 

For your security, we never store your payment information, so you will never be charged for changes without your knowledge. We will send you an order form to cover extra charges for any approved changes.

Are plants guaranteed?

We guarantee plants to be correctly identified and in good health on arrival. 

Minor damage can take place during shipping. In general, you can expect to receive a healthy root system that will fully rebound from shipping stress. Some leaves or minor stems may be damaged in transit, but should not affect the long term health or structure of the plant. 

When your order arrives, immediately unpack your plants and follow any enclosed instructions. We cannot guarantee plants that are not promptly removed from the packaging, as they cannot survive extra days without light, airflow, and water. 

In shipping living things, occasionally there are issues. Packages can get lost, delayed, or mishandled in transit, which kills a plant. In that case, we will offer to refund or replace the plant, depending on individual nursery policy and plant availability. 

Send a photo to within 24 hours of delivery if you are concerned that a plant is in poor condition so we can offer advice, or plan to refund or replace plants that are not viable.

We will do our best to assist with any issues, but please be aware there are many variables that affect a plant’s health outside the nursery environment, so we can’t guarantee plants beyond the initial delivery. That said, if our nurseries are also experiencing problems with a plant, suggesting there is a problem with the crop, they may opt to replace or refund the plant outside the normal arrival window. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due when you place your order. If your shipment is delayed, plants will be reserved and cared for until they ship. Due to the labor involved in caring for plants that could otherwise be sold to other customers, we do not hold plants without upfront payment. 

Like all living things, plants can be vulnerable to unforeseen weather events and pests. Our nurseries aim to maintain healthy plants and ship in peak condition. Should your plants suffer damage or fail to meet our quality standards while awaiting shipping, your payment will be promptly refunded.

Can I add plants to my order?

If ordering more plants from the same nursery, you may be able to save on shipping costs by combining orders. Email us at with the information and we can send you a discounted order form with the additions. Or if you already placed an additional order, we can refund any savings. Please note that we can only combine orders if your original order has not been prepared for shipping, so notify us as soon as possible. 

For your security, we never store your payment information, so you will need to complete an additional order form for any order additions. We cannot automatically add plants to your order, but we can email you an order form to make the process easy.

I need info about a UPS/USPS/FedEx shipment in progress

If your order has been in transit longer than expected or was reported as delivered, but you don’t have the package, you should first check with the carrier. They have more information than we do, and they do not allow us to make any changes to a shipment in progress.

They may be able to offer an explanation of delays, or where a package was delivered and who signed for it, which may help you locate the missing package.

If you are still unable to locate the package, please notify us so we can file a claim with the carrier so we can refund or replace your order.  

How is my payment information secured?

For your security, we never store your payment information. Our partner nurseries only receive the information necessary to ship your order. Your payment details are never shared.

Should you receive more than you expected, for instance, an extra plant or a duplicate order, rest assured that you cannot be charged without your knowledge.