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Every garden needs some big-ass leaves. Who couldn’t use a little big-leaf eye candy to kick off the short work week? Tetrapanax ‘Steroidal Giant’ is kicking off the parade up top.

The Plume Poppies are really bringing it this year.
plume poppy by megan hansen

A Rodgersia podophylla at a garden a couple years ago. I’m picturing this one at Gossler Farms, but my memory could be wrong.
rodgersia podophylla by megan hansen

Darmera peltata photo by Karl Gercens.
darmera peltata by karl gercens

Astilboides tabularis photo by Keeping it Green Nursery.
astilboides tabularis by keeping it green

The big leaved rhododendrons tempt and taunt, never making it very long in my garden. This here is Rhododendron praestans, photo by Karl Gercens.
rhododendron praestans by Karl Gercens

Gunnera never gets old. Gunnera manicata photo by citron.
gunnera manicata by citron

Gunnera chilensis photo by James Gaither.
gunnera chilensis by James Gaither

Oh, to have a Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant Strain’ that got this big. Photo by Karl Gercens.
colocasia thailand giant strain by karl gercens

Or an Alocasia odora. Photo by Brian’s Botanicals.
alocasia odora by brians botanicals

All the bananas, Musa or Ensete are good for large leaf drama. Me, I mostly stick to hardy varieties rather than subject plants to my lazy over-wintering ways, but even I have managed to keep Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ alive indoors so I can get a nice tall, fat trunk. Not as big as these, photographed by Karl Gercens, but I swear Lance Wright’s plant in Portland was even bigger than these monsters.
ensete maurelii by karl gercens

Magnolia dealbata photo by James Gaither.

Monstera deliciosa photo by Raul654. So we can’t grow them this big here, but a smaller version as a houseplant isn’t a bad runner up.
Monstera deliciosa by Raul654

A few more biggos worth a gander.