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After several record setting warm dry months in a row in Portland, I thought winter might have passed us by this year. But there are rumors (some might call them weather forecasts) that tonight is the night wintery weather arrives.

I try not to get too excited about the snow in the forecast because it so rarely actually happens and then I am heartbroken. I doubt the snow will actually happen on Wednesday, but I think we really will get a frost tonight, and then dip down to the mid 20s the next night, so our gardens will start going to sleep.

Now seems like a good time to soak up some of the gorgeous fall display we got to see this year.

Red amaranth in full bloom and a sidewalk full of tiger eyes sumac starting to color up.

sumac tiger eyes

Seed capsules on a Ninebark (Coppertina?)

The always stunning fruit of Arbutus unedo.


An especially jaw dropping dogwood specimen positively covered in spectacular drupes. If anyone knows the identity of this one, I’d love to include it here. Somebody’s going to want this tree. Probably me.

Update: Thanks to Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More), it looks like this is a Cornus capitata.
cornus fruit

cornus fruit

cornus fruit

Amsonia hubrichtii starting to turn to fire. On first glance in the photo it may look like a conifer, but it’s a soft perennial that blooms fragrant flowers earlier in the year. The gold and orange fall color is definitely the star of the show.
amsonia hubrictii

amsonia hubrictii

Sourwood dressed up in fall bloom and color.

Fall is so beautiful and so fleeting, remember to soak it up.