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Oh sure. There are a million gorgeous colors out there now. One of the many reasons I love fall. But this Amsonia hubrichtii is hands down belle of the ball. 

Amsonia hubritchii aka Arkansas Blue Star and Threadleaf Blue Star

Here it is with Beezus flying past–Just a Girl With a Hammer‘s dog. I tried to catch Bee in front of it as a tribute to Halloween. Alas, I did not.

Beezus flies past the moon, almost.

This is not enhanced color. It really is this flamboyant.

Amsonia hubritchii aka Arkansas Blue Star

Pretty good when it’s green too.

Amsonia hubritchii in green coat.

And it’s delicate little flower.

Sweet flower on Amsonia hubritchii aka Arkansas Blue Star. Ah, thus the Blue Star moniker.

A couple years ago, I apparently paired the Amsonia with Canna musafolia ‘Rubra’. I should do that again. The colors are terrific together. And I love the contrasting foliage size.

Amsonia hubritchii and Canna ‘Musafolia Red’

Amsonia is hardy in zones 5a-8b. The Canna ‘Musafoli Red’ aka Banana Canna is hardy 8a-10b. Some say it’s good to zone 7a. Since I lost mine here in zone 8, I wonder about that. That was a rough year, though I don’t remember exactly which one.

Close up of the lush summer foliage.

Here’s Beezus and sibs when they were my foster pups. Mister spelled the mom, Sweet Pea. He stayed with those puppies all day every day for over a month. And Sweet Pea lay on the sofa.

Mister with Beezus, Birdie, and Pinky.

Mister and Beezus are still pals, but Chiquita claims BFF status.

Chiquita and Beezus headed for the Rhodocoma capensis aka their fort.

We’d love to hear about your fall favorites–and see your pictures.