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Hello out there. Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your gardens. I’ve been busy dragging my heels on gardening posts, because, well, you know. Covid-19 has everything all out of whack. In good news department, mail order biz for plants has been hopping. If you’ve been on the hunt for your latest heartthrob, you’ve no doubt discovered that many nurseries have sold out of precious wares. They’ve been working day and night to make it happen, and how we appreciate their herculean efforts.

I had planned to hold my garden open for the Oregon Hardy Plant Society this summer, but alas, that dream has been dashed. And as irony has it, since Bill and I are both home (no race car photography this year,) we’ve had a lot of time to work. It’s looking good out there. If I could just manage to put away tools and other detritus when I run out of steam.

By some miracle, there doesn’t appear to be a hose in these photos. That’s a first.

I guess the good news is, all those heartthrobs planted in the past are doing their thing whether I show up or not. I am getting into a decent rhythm of going outside whether I feel like it or not, and before I know it, I’m happily engaged. It occurs to me often when I find a project, it’s that old adage, showing up is half the battle. I honestly once believe I had to have a particular plan in mind to get motivated, but that is totally wrong. I do have days more than I used to–especially if I want Bill to help–where I go out with a specific small goal in mind.

Pavers were here, but had become a sunken weedy mess. Done!


Bill tells me he’s tactical. Tell him what and where. None of this wandering around admiring plants, musing about what would be better where. Just tell him what to do, and he’s on it. I sincerely appreciate the Dude’s enthusiasm for getting ‘er done, but how I miss musings with my gardening pals.

Here’s a bit of what else going on in the garden. And standby, this shall be indeed, wandering and musing.

Front garden, plants mingling with aplomb. Grevillea ‘Pink Pearl’, Artocstaphylos ‘John Dourley‘, Phormium ‘Wings of Gold’


Pink Pearl Grevillea in the mix. It blooms forever, and the hummingbirds love it.


Before gardening in earnest, a friend invited me to tour her garden–and she bemoaned the fact plants would not stay in their place. Say what? Crazy talk, no?

On the other side of our driveway from the Grevillea, likewise atop the lava rock wall, Leptospermum rupestre ‘Squiggly’ put on quite the show this year. Was this different from previous years, or had I just not paid close enough attention? I do not know.


The back yard is living it up. I want my garden to make me feel like I’m on vacation. Once the work is done and we can put up our feet with a little libation–I’ll bet it will feel just like that. Except we will have to wait on ourselves.

Ensete ‘Maurelii’, Papyrus, Flame Calla Lily, Plume Popy, etc.


Potted plants, there’s always room to squeeze in one more–no matter how many times you’ve said NO MORE pots.

Dreams of Vacation


Wide shot. The dogs love running the grass circuit between the two round beds.

Osmunda regalis aka Royal Fern


This Royal Fern is in a pot too. I like it up high like that, where it can show off with textures around.

Kniphofia ‘Bees Sunset’ aka Bees Sunset Red Hot Poker


Wish I had some pithy close, but for now, I’ll just let the plants do the talking. Hope you all are well out there, and taking all precautions to stay that way. We’ll get through it together–with a little time in our beloved gardens.