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There’s nothing like sorting through old garden photos to kickstart a lust list. I meant to be working on my get-it-all-organized project, but I got distracted with what I saw. This must help with my design plans, yes? to know what plants I want. Then I’ll have to figure out how to accommodate in that big open space. I know, it’s bourgeois suffering.

I aim for a philosophy of no recriminations and no regrets, but goldangit, I wish the new owners of the Alameda Garden had acknowledged everything was coming out. So many good plants straight to the trash bin. I was heartened to hear that a few people rescued plants they’d seen thrown into the dumpster.

So a lust list, inspired by plants loved and lost, plus a few additions, in no particular order, as is my “style.”

aka Honey Bush. Crushed leaves smell like peanut butter.


Melianthus major – a beauty, and the blooms, fantastic.


Trachycarpus fortunei – it’s just not right without one or two or…


Trachycarpus fortunei and Canna Musafolia
Trachycarpus fortunei and Canna musafolia


Canna musafolia aka Banana canna shown above with the Fan Palm. Love the combination of skinny and fat leaves. I transplanted the green Banana canna, but it didn’t survive–thought it’d been a champ performer in my hellstrip. I added a red variety, which is also great, but I want the original green again as well.


Canna musa 2
Canna musafolia ‘Rubra’ aka Red Banana Canna


Aspidistra – my former plant was a gift from Sean Hogan, and how I wish I’d brought that plant along. It was tucked at the corner of the house beside the Pink Dogwood, and it looked so fabulous, it never occurred to me they’d take it out. Dang. The Aspidistra that got away, and with no picture!


Echium candicans
Echium candicans ‘Star of Madeira’


Echium candicans  ‘Star of Madeira’ – that plant was a swooner. I’ll try to replicate a south-facing exposure, but won’t have reflective heat from the street. I didn’t fully appreciate how incredibly lucky I was with that plant’s success, but Ms. Danger did.


Cuphea ‘Strybing Sunset’


Cuphea – because they are adorable. I think I’ll get several.


Daphnipyllum – Never had this plant before, and all I can say is I wonder why not. Danger pointed one out at Garden Fever, and I took a picture (which I can’t find at the moment.) Then I promptly forgot because there were all those other plants.

Agave 'Silver Surfer' with companion Verbascum 'Arctic Summer'
Agave ‘Silver Surfer’ with companion Verbascum ‘Arctic Summer’


Agave ‘Silver Surfer’ – Rumor has it that the big fella on Sacramento may just be this plant that I love beyond all reason. It’s a must have.


Agave ‘Silver Surfer’ ?


I also want everything on Chickadee Garden’s list, because native plants, always a classy choice. That’s not cheating, right?


too much grass
too much grass


I see a new bed at the center of the big grassy lawn—chagrin of animals and the kid notwithstanding. Let’s see the rest of those lust lists.