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Talk about a stunner, Lobelia tupa rises to the occasion. I received this plant in the mail from Secret Garden Growers. It came in a 4″ pot. Aren’t plants a marvel.

Look at this tiny plant. Why I never!

It all arose from this little mail-order plant, which I purchased in 2016.


Lobelia tupa grew vigorously into its second season. I was happy with it just for the foliage.

Lobelia tupa in June 2017


And then it bloomed and bloomed. Fun stuff.

I’d retake this picture if it was 2017, but you get the idea.


I’m going to need to relocate that poor Paeonia ‘Chinese Dragon’ under its reach. The peony came via mail too, from Gossler Farms.

Paeonia ‘Chinese Dragon’ delivery from Gossler Farms.


I should show you what it looks like in bloom. Peonies: swoon, right?

Chinese Dragon Tree Peony in bloom


Chinese Dragon Tree Peony in bloom.


Once I understood the effort and expense of shipping plants, I stopped thinking nurseries charge too much. Herculean efforts to ship plants, and that’s after they’ve gone to all the trouble of growing them. It’s pretty exciting to see a robust plant spring out of the box.

Lobelia tupa struts its stuff.


And hummingbirds love it. No time for a carefully composed picture when this little guy landed.


This hummingbird practically landed on my head.



Lobelia tupa aka Devil’s Tobacco


Lobelia tupa aka Devil’s Tobacco–a good one for the plant lust list. You’ll like it, and the hummingbirds will thank you.