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Our second nursery stop on the Springfield caper was the famous Gossler Farms. We love them so much. Not only are their plants awesome, they were our very first participating nursery on plant lust–on the site and on our online beta Marketplace. Boy, what I didn’t know about plants back we when we began was a lot. It sure kick-started me into researching and studying, I can tell you that. And it was such a fun place to start. Gosslers’ plants are cool.

We’d stopped by Bloom River Nursery before arriving at Gossler Farms, where we’d had considerably better weather. The skies opened up at Gossler Farms–though we had a toasty visit inside with Marj, Eric, and Roger before braving the greenhouses.

The rain gods went after Megan.

I didn’t get many photos–because I was too busy watching for the Ark to show up. But you can always see and order Gosslers’ plants online, and stay dry to boot. (We visited the Farms a couple years earlier, and I did a better job chronicling that event here. Also the modest Amy Campion, over at the “World’s Best Gardening Blog” did a fine job covering Gossler here.)

The day of our visit, I’d worn my warm parka, but even with that, it was chilly and damp in the greenhouse. Some days are not as glamorous as others for the nursery peeps. Regardless, Roger was ever the gracious host.

Hey Roger, what’s that way over there in back?

Megan came home with the glossy evergreen Roger is toting, an Aucuba ‘Rozannie’ — terrific for the full shade which is most of Megan’s garden. I came home with a great plant as well. But I can’t remember the name–though Megan was clear that I needed it–because I do have sun. I’d run outside and look at the tag, but I’m letting a sleeping dog lie. And you know what I mean.

Here’s Chiquita in characteristic pose–the currently sleeping culprit. (A nod to Bob Nold for the line.)


The above were from Gosslers’ private collection. Of course, I wanted them all–and meant to ask later…

I don’t know what this is, except gorgeous. Anyone?

We didn’t have terrific light, and the thundering weather all around put me off my game. Note to self: always take more than one picture of good plants.

Plants in the greenhouse.

Love how beautiful they all are, even when waning for the season.


More plants in the greenhouse.


The animals stayed with us throughout.

The critters knew their way around the place. And look at those conifers on the right. How I didn’t reach in their and grab a couple is beyond me. Next time, or the HPSO Spring Sale, or guest nursery day at Xera Plants. I’ll track him down–or find him online!

Finally, lest you’re worried that the rain gods really let Megan it– just a lucky snap. She escaped the downpour unscathed.

Wishing you a warm winter scheming and shopping season. Plants ahoy.