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If I had a dime for every time someone has pointed at my Hibiscus syriacus ‘Red Heart’ and asked “what’s that doing here”…
Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' a

I get it, I’m a foliage gardener, why did I plant a shrub that’s all about the flowers?
Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' b

Because it’s beautiful, because it looks tropical – but grows happily in Portland, Oregon. Because I wanted too!
Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' c

It’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloomday, which means I’m posting photos of everything blooming in my garden today over on my personal blog; danger garden. It’s also Wednesday which means Anna is hosting a collection of garden vignettes over on her blog; Flutter & Hum and I’m joining up with the flower and sky image above. Now click on those links and you should have no excuse for getting work done today, lots of glorious flower and plant images to spend your morning gawking at!