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We had a wonderful, cool misty break from summer heat last week. The plants and the Portlanders seem to be in much better spirits. I know I am.

We’ve naturally been showing off sun worshipping plants the last few months, but I don’t want the woodland plants to feel left out. I have always had a soft spot for shady characters that make me think of a cool, mossy, ferny forest. I’m loving the little log gardens I’ve noticed here and there lately.

2015-08-16 07.34.40

Not only pretty, they’re terribly handy to move about to temporarily cover garden bald spots while waiting for something to grow in. Instant gratification!


They’re also helpful in creating a little protection for delicate new plantings that are likely to be trampled by a naughty puppy, should you have such a thing. And I do.


Plus, they look like a happy home for wildlife. It’s amazing how much wildlife we get in the city, really. Patricia’s former house in a fairly busy city neighborhood always had a salamander or two on the loose. My father in law spotted a garter snake in his Oregon City neighborhood. And earlier this year, I heard a frog croaking in the back yard. Wouldn’t they love to hide in here?


Several of these planters were at the McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern. Those McMenamins gardeners are always up to something interesting.




Woodland plants look perfectly at home in the logs, but they’re not the only ones. A set of sedum/sempervivum planted logs cropped up right along a convenient dog walking route nearby, where I get to admire them regularly. And hey, there’s a Xera Plants tag in that one! Hot stuff.



I hope you’re enjoying this glorious September!