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I’ve been busy behind the scenes for the past 4 years, combing thru plant descriptions, double-checking data, searching out great photos. As it happens, prolific plant photographers, like avid gardeners, are a most generous lot. Thank you one and all.

I’m so happy to be part of team plant lust. I work from home snug with my critters, one dog and two cats–at present count–and my garden is footsteps away. I recently moved from a home where I’d lived 30 years. It was painful to leave, but a new garden is on the rise. I’m determined to build on lessons from the garden gone by. Note: do not plant water-guzzling tropicals next to drought-loving Manzanitas.

There’s a bit of occupational hazard in studying so many fabulous plants. Sometimes I forget I’m working, and think I’m shopping instead. Well, fiddle, truth is, I usually am. But can you blame me? So many glorious descriptions from our contributing nurseries. Tropical Looking  and Big Leaves and Dramatic. Swoon-worthy plants aplenty, and, in my new garden, I have double the previous space.

plant lust is Megan’s brainchild: she thought gardeners and nurseries alike needed a go-to resource for plants and places to find them. I count myself lucky to have such a talented and generous daughter. It was pure genius when she recruited intrepid gardener, Loree Bohl–lover of dangerous plants wherein you could poke out an eye. And she even envisioned a role for ADD me. In spite of my inclination toward shiny object distraction, I am able to fully focus on horticultural detail.

I’m thrilled to be part of this venture. I have a technical background in the telecommunications industry. But I never imagined the opportunity to reapply those skills to my personal passion for gardening. My heart throbs for giant leaves, and fragrant blooms, and grasses that sway their lithesome tassels in the breeze. I flat out love plants. And I’ve discovered in the past few years, I am in such good company. You gardeners are an ardent and talented and inspiring bunch. And I’m so glad to have made your acquaintance.