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I tend to avoid the mall this time of year, too much of all that is annoying. If I have to shop a non-nursery situation I tend to head to one of our neighborhood shopping districts, there the shops are mostly locally owned and in between the stores I can still step outside and get some fresh air. Recently I headed to the “Pearl” an area slightly north of downtown Portland proper. Standing on a corner, waiting to cross, I had a moment to appreciate the understated plantings up above me…

They were like tree ornaments but, not. Full of plants!

Too high to be able to tell exactly what was growing in there, but yet you could still catch glimpses.

My tendency would have been to plant them with trailing vines and put a red or silver bow on top. But I appreciated the restraint.

This isn’t the first time plantings in the Pearl have caught my eye, I also wrote about them back in January of 2012.

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