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Just another warm sunny October day here in Portland. The usual.

When I travel, I always meet people who say “Portland? It must rain all the time.” Or my favorite, “You probably get snow year round.” I wish.

I’m soooooo tired of watering plants. Maybe later this week the skies will finally open and give us a break.

It’s not quite time for sweaters and boots and blankets and hot drinks by fires, which is when I really start getting in the mood for Halloween. But that’ll roll around soon enough.

In the meantime, how about some black flower ogling to get in the mood for spooky times?

Lotus jacobaeus

Lotus jacobaeus by Annie's Annuals
Photo above and the featured photo at the top of the post by Annie’s Annuals

Arisaema serratum var mayebarae

arisaema serratum var mayebarae by plant delights
Photo by Plant Delights

Asarum maximum

Asarum maxium by kenpei
Photo by Kenpei

Akebia trifoliata

akebia trifoliata by megan hansen

Iris chrysographes

iris chrysographes by dancing oaks
Photo by Dancing Oaks

Arum pictum

arum pictum by plant delights
Photo by Plant Delights

Dracunculus vulgaris

dracunculus vulgaris

Arum palaestinum

arum palaestinum by RickP
Photo by RickP

arum palaetinum by sean hara
Photo by Sean A O’Hara

Helleborus ‘Black Slate’

helleborus black slate by Megan Hansen

Petunia ‘Black Velvet’

Petunia black velvet by karl gercens
Photo by Karl Gercens III

Pittosporum tenuifolium atropurpureum

Pittosporum tenuifolium atropurpureum by Loree Bohl
Photo by Loree Bohl

Hermodactylis tuberosus

hermodactylis tuberosus by A Barra
Photo by A Barra

Salvia discolor

salvia discolor by loree bohl
Photo by Loree Bohl

Happy haunting!