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We’ve gone round the horn of the longest darkest day. Yay. Time to fire up our imaginations, and set sight on a new gardening season. We’ve had mild weather around the Portland area, but we hear it’s not so great around all the country. We’re so sorry, and wish your plants all due recovery. My potted papyrus is still growing on the patio here–albeit allowing for Lucy to yank that football again soon.

Cyperus papyerus enjoying while it lasts. Photo from July. They’re hard to photography, and I wanted to show you a pretty picture.


As always, the plant lust elves are busy in the back shop maintaining and improving our website. To think we started with 600 some plants–more than 10 years ago–and are now pushing 40,000. That’s a lot of plant research, which is an excellent occupational hazard.

It’s been a fun and challenging year as we’ve geared up our online marketplace. Fourteen nurseries are now offering their lust-worthy wares through plant lust, and we look forward to adding more this year. Here’s the link to join up. It’s terrific fun getting to know people and we love learning about plant proclivities around the nation.

Here’s to another great season. Keep those cards and comments coming.