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One way to make a garden look pulled together is by echoing colors. Take this inspired work in progress. Forgive the current state of the ground. Despite the forecast, it’s still winter for a couple more days. Clearly they’ve got plans. And a fab sense of color. While the plants are sleeping, they’ve always got their doors and bird feeder to keep things looking alive.

magnolia butterflies with house and birdfeeder

black and yellow birdfeeder

Even more impressive, the theme carries over to the neighbors’ houses and gardens. The yellow magnolia belongs to a matched set planted in the neighbors’ hellstrip. The house on the other side is all out yellow. It’s too perfect to be coincidence, isn’t it? Those are some good neighbors.

magnolia butterflies house doors birdfeeder echo2

The magnolias are newly planted and still wearing their tags. This gorgeous flower belongs to a young Magnolia ‘Butterflies’. Of course all yellow magnolias are dreamy.

magnolia butterflies

Can we just admire the bold color choice for a minute?

black house yellow door head on

Something good must be planned for these new house hugging raised planters. Definitely one to watch this spring.

10 black and yellow houses