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Happy September! This is my absolute favorite month. All the big leaved plants are peaking. Trees and shrubs start pushing new growth. The weather gets more cooperative for digging, moving, planting. And we’re bathed in golden diffused sunlight at the end of each day. What could be better?

I wanted to share another little bit of happy today. There’s a tiny but well done sidewalk garden on Broadway that always makes me smile. The bold, bright wall color is such a cheerful backdrop for a few well selected plants. I love instant gratification in a garden, and this is the type of garden you could pop in to a little sidewalk planter in an afternoon, and have a fab planting, no patience required.

long shot

The plants aren’t especially unusual, but they’re still smashing, and all look happy, tidy, and self sufficient. All good things for a business plot that probably doesn’t get the regular attention of a gardener.

This might be my favorite yucca flower. Usually I cut them off my own plants, but look at it against that blue!
yucca plant

I’m so happy when people plant flowering plants with foliage that holds its own during the non-blooming season.
yucca foliage

with think real estate sign

Will the phormium make it though this winter? 50/50 shot. But I’m happy to see some gardens gambling with it again around here. I miss that plant.

I think the opuntia is the real star of the show. It gives everything a touch of desert garden flair.

The lavender is a good dry-heat lover to add in the mix.

And the way the bronze sedge catches the rays of the sun…
carex 2

carex 1

And a little baby Arctostaphylos that seems to hint that there’s a true plant lover behind the whole affair.

As a bonus around the corner, another easy insta-garden popped up with wild flowers. Not my usual style, but that black sure makes it pop.
black wall blue flower

black wall blue flower 2

Have a wonderful September!