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I’m not sure why, but my mind has been wandering back to a few of the gardens I had the pleasure of visiting during the 2013 Garden Bloggers Fling in San Francisco. This one in particular stands out, it’s obviously a garden created by a plant lover, plants are tucked in every available spot — containers line the steps, epiphytes adorn the palm trunk — it’s a bit of heaven on earth. Of course the plant palette helps turn the lust meter up a notch or two as well.

I remember chatting with a friend on the bus as we drove up this garden. He said my eyes got huge and I had a sort of “let me off this bus or else!” look. Thank goodness the bus stopped there, I didn’t have to resort to any drastic measures.

This beautiful Aloe polyphylla was growing right out next to the public sidewalk in the hellstrip. No biggie.

Oh the temperate Bay Area climate. Where Agave attenuata doesn’t melt, Brugmansia grow to tree size and Cordylines reach the roof-line of a tall two or three story home.

And Bromeliads can be planted out, in the ground.

And don’t even get me started on this! A to-die-for Phoenix canariensis (I believe) studded with Tillandsia…

This garden had something super-special going on where ever you looked…

It was plant rich and just plain fun.

Very inspirational.

Thanks for reliving it with me!