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Our love affair is over.
It started out intense, as these things do – pure powerful lust.
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi 2
There was that brief moment I thought we’d made a connection.
Only to have another steal you – right before my eyes.
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi masses o buds

Then finally it happened, you were mine and it was just as good as I thought it would be.
Our years together have been wonderful, but now I find our relationship has cooled.
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi twining

There’s just no sizzle. The passion is gone, I’m lusting for another.
But really, it’s not you – it’s me…

And my small garden!
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi overpowers Schef

I planted Clematis tibetana var. vernayi to grow across a couple of metal-grid trellis to help block the view of our patio. Creating a screen which allows the visitor to slowly discover the garden, rather than having the entire thing visible when you enter. It’s done that…perhaps too successfully.
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi crammit 2

It wants to eat my Schefflera delavayi, which is not acceptable behavior. It’s time for me to find another vine. One not as vigorous.
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi crammit 1

And just for the record I do still love this Clematis, in fact I cheered Patricia‘s purchase just a couple of weeks ago at the Cistus Nursery booth during our fall Hardy Plant Society of Oregon plant sale. She’s got the room to let it spread it’s wings.
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi seed head

I just have a bad case of plant lust and want to grow all the cool plants. Even if I don’t have room for them.
Clematis tibetana var. vernayi flower close up

To be continued…