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Initially this post was going to be the 3rd in my “never say never” series. After all I never thought I would be planting Begonias in my garden, and certainly not in my much loved chartreuse Circle Pot. But then I realized it wasn’t so much about breaking the Begonia barrier as it was having fun.

After all is there anything more fun than polka dots?

I’ve previously seen these Begonia (labeled as Begonia coccinea) at upscale nurseries only. So when I spotted them at our local everything store (paper towels to prosecco, sheets to shoes), at a “why not” price, I grabbed a couple.

Then — because I’m all about the contrast — I planted the bits of the Jurassic Silver Swirl Rex Begonia, that I’d somehow managed to root. I hope they take hold, it’s a bit of a shock to go from a vase filled with water to an outdoor container with soil.

This is the first year since 2005 — the year we moved in — that I haven’t had a major garden project to tackle. I am enjoying every minute of that. Little things like this, replanting beloved containers, occupy my creative garden-energy but leave plenty of time for other pursuits.

Oh! And it would be wrong to not mention the tree this container hangs from, Clifford, our Magnolia macrophylla. Clifford celebrates his 11th birthday here this summer.

And when I opened my eyes in bed last Sunday, Mother’s Day, I saw he gifted me his first flower of the season.

Anything you’ve planted in your garden that you never thought you would? And heck, what about pure fun…are you having fun this spring?