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One of my very favorite things to do is to walk a new neighborhood. Be it in my own city or one I’m visiting only briefly. There are always things to discover and they’re easier to see when you’re on foot…

I am attracted to dark houses, they seem more grounded in the landscape. Of course the fact they emphasize the plantings is a bonus.

dark house 1
A nice clean-lined fence does wonders too. I’m sure there will be more plants here soon. If not I may resort to planting under the cover of night…
dark house 2

Occasionally I happen upon a house that makes me forget I’m in the city.
forest in the city 1

This is less than a mile from my very urban 45’ x 111’ lot, but miles and miles away in spirit.
forest in the city 2

Okay just one (two) more house photos. Don’t they look like they’re embarrassed to have a small pot-o-opuntia? “Herald if we put around the side of the house in between those two shrubs maybe nobody will notice it”…the poor opuntia looks kind of embarrassed too.
embarrassed opuntia

Whereas these folks are proud and hoping they grow into a mammoth mountain.
proud opuntia

A fence can be built to keep out prying eyes, this one…not so much.

Enough with the non-plant talk. Let’s get serious. This is the perfect stage for an Araucaria araucana. Not so tall that it’s gangly and not so small that it’s got no shape.
monkey puzzle perfection

That is a lot of black mondo grass! (Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’). It’s so thick!
mondo and magnolia

Looks like perhaps there’s a monster gunnera sleeping in the middle of this bunch of mondo.
mondo and gunnera

I do love a colored up sedum in the wintertime. I think this is Sedum palmeri.
Sedum palmeri

I wanted to call this one Sedum spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’ because this is about what mine looks like right now, but to be honest I’m not so sure.
sedum NOID

That’s a snowy hellstrip!
White hellstrip

It’s all verbascum, maybe V. Ver? Of course I only guess that because it’s my favorite.
White hellstrip close up

I end this post with two requests (pleas) for identification.
white what am I 1a

I love the small white leaves, but I think I love the gnarly trunk even more.
white what am I 1b

What am I?
white what am I 1c

Like the plant above I think this might be a case of discovering something at it’s best. What is this?
white what am I 2a

And will it always be so silver?
white what am I 2b