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I feel giddy and witty and bright. Or at least I did until I woke two nights ago with a super duper sore throat. That ain’t supposed to happen smack dab in the middle of spring gardening season. Nature is a riot of blooms. She’s calling all pollinators. She’s itching to be ogled. And I am spending more time on the sofa than in yard. Dagnabbit.

More this than dividing and conquering.
Tiger and me back in the year ought 6. More of this than divide and conquer.

I did manage a few forays into the garden–dividing, replanting and watering–somehow having imagined that garden giddiness would trump blazing sore throat. Ever so often, I go outside to take snaps and pull a few weeds. But then the sofa beckons.

These white peonies were here when we moved in, and they are showstoppers. In fact, there’s a succession of peony blooms for several weeks. Last year I brought them inside after discovering it’s not nearly as hard to cut a flower when there are so darn many. This year it’s a bit more challenging, because, you know, kitties.

Paeonia NOID - there are three of this white Peony, which are ever so swoon-worthy.
Paeonia NOID – there are three of these white Paeonia, ever so swoon-worthy.


White Paeonia - crazy glorious and plentiful blooms
White Paeonia – crazy glorious and plentiful blooms
So much easier to cut when there are lots. Nature!
So much easier to cut when there are lots. Nature!
White peony blooms galore. Bouquet anyone? I'm serious.
White peony blooms galore. Bouquet anyone? I’m serious.

So back to the cold front. I’d be interested to know if anyone else experiences colds the way I do, where it passes through like a storm, hitting one side for a day or two, and then moving on to the other. I’ve mentioned this to several doctors, and they look at me as doctors typically do: hmmph! That’ll be $367, and good luck. I’d be so much happier to just spend the money on plants!

Right now, my cold is stalled on the right. The bummer is, I know it’s not on its way out until it moves to the left, and spends the same number of days there. Is this normal?I Is there anyway to shortcut it? To keep it from moving to the other side? I’d most happily trade a bouquet of peonies for an answer to this burning question.

Bill came home from work yesterday and declared that it is officially Gin & Tonic season. Woe was me. My Happy Hour was tea and ibuprofen. But I am happy to report, the guys came through with a fabulous pot of chicken soup.

It can’t be long to for a return to garden giddiness now.

Soup makes everything better.
Soup makes everything better.