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You want to know something funny? Or at least I think it’s funny. I’m just as overwhelmed looking at my photos as I was when visiting Huntington Gardens. Is that normal?

Have a look see–and tell me what you think.

Euphorbia, Cactus, NoId. And no idea.

Another lush landscapy vista.

We’re not in Kansas.

A little spiky this. A little spiky that.

Cleistocactus ritteri

Fancy to the left of you. Fancy to the right.

Barrel Cactus or Megan says, “most photographed plant in the world.”

A breathtaking candelabra.

Stenocereus dumortieri aka Candelabra

And this.

Cleistocactus strausii aka Woolly Torch

Ho hum, more splendor.

Notocactus magnificus and Pilosocereus chrysacanthus

I missed the name of this beauty. Anyone?

For now, I’m calling it Spiny Melon with Yellow Flower.

I don’t think the Garden of Eden was like this. No fig leaves–at least in this section.

Hillside hangout. Agave and Cactus and Porcupines. Noooo, just kidding.

Here’s a happy Prickly Pear. Doesn’t this look like a fun party?

Opuntia, Agave, Barell Cactus–and various friends.

Hah. When I first looked at the above photo, I thought, too bad about that telephone pole.

That ain’t no telephone pole.

Head slap. Talk about stranger in a strange land. So disorienting.

Blooming Opuntia & more friends.

So much to explore. If I lived anywhere near, I’d snap up a membership. I recall thinking at the time, reasonably priced, considering the wonder of it all.

Interesting juxtaposition. Wild plants. Tame pathways.

Of course, cropping changes everything. I submit for your musings.

In the wild–or just off the pathway?

Some of the plants didn’t have plaques, but there were tags. I just couldn’t bring myself to reach in there and read this one. Danger, Will Robinson.

Mandatory shot of Barrel Cactus Corner.

I wish I could grow Barrel Cactus. They are so much fun to gaze upon, no?

Dreamy, but I wouldn’t walk in there.

I was surprised by the amount of shade. Not Pacific Northwest style shade, but still shade, of a sort. Kinda.

Agave parryi

It’s true. Such beauty exists. I’ll get back to you, because there’s lots more.