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Here’s an excellent little garden I spotted while taking the long way round to find parking in Los Angeles.  Of course the ginormous Agaves caused me to pause, but once I did the rustic split rail fence had me taking a closer look.

I love how the small space manages to look both urban, polished and yet a little old west.RULA100

Agave americana ‘Mediopicta Aurea’ I believe? And who could ignore the virtual sea of Senecio mandraliscae? Not I…

As you may have noticed it flows over the sidewalk and into the hellstrip as well. Intentional, or Mother Nature having her way with the garden?

I wish I could give you an ID on the tall tree above, it certainly adds a sense of place.  As does that bad-hair-day shrub just down a bit…

Russelia equisetiformis I believe?

Oh how I wish I could grow this plant.

Here you have a slight glimpse of the average fencing in the neighborhood (next-door). Which is why the rustic split rail stood out as something different. And let’s not ignore that car-sized Agave…

Agave americana?

This angle really tests my assumptions (in a good way) of what a garden just blocks from Melrose Ave, in L.A., might look like. I wish I could have talked to the homeowners.

Another surprise, a Hellebore! H. argutifolius ‘Silver Lace’ perhaps?

Up against the house a planting of Kalanchoe beharensis, watched over by a mysterious creature.

And a final glance back…

I love discovering cool gardens…