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One of the lovely things about the Lan Su Chinese Garden is the space outside the walls for passers by to enjoy. Like the garden inside, the mini-gardens bordering the block are full of plants that remind us that the garden is always changing. At the garden now, blooming Edgeworthias herald the approach of spring.

chinese garden straight on
Driving by, the fragrant blooms called out to be appreciated up close, and I obliged. What a nice diversion from errands.

flowers underneath

Across the street in a raised planter, an Edgeworthia is elevated to nose level. You could not miss the sweet fragrance.

close up bloom and bud
I like to catch the Edgworthia while they’re half bloom, half bud. Those buds with the velvety sheen make me swoon.

close up flower

flower from top

So fuzzy!

Edgeworthia chrysantha Akebono form
Next weekend, Valentine’s Day and all, would make an excellent time to pay a visit inside those walls, and get a look at the Akebono in bloom, which Loree captured so beautifully in a previous year.

May as well spend the holiday with plants you love, right?