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If you’re like me, and you feel the compulsion to garden, you will find a way to do so – no matter what your circumstances. Last December I was strolling down Burbank Blvd in North Hollywood (killing time, getting fresh air, while my husband scoured a book store) and happened upon a scene that had me thinking back to my days without a piece of earth on which to garden.

Of course I never had the luxury of a roof top to garden upon, but if I had, well, it would have probably looked something like this…
must garden 100

Wait, they even have a black composter up there. I wouldn’t have gone to those lengths.
must garden 101

Back down on the street level there was this explosion of planted goodness.
must garden 102

Was the same person responsible for the street-side plantings in addition to the rooftop garden? I’ll probably never know. But both were welcome on an otherwise bleak stretch of asphalt.
must garden 103

Sam Christensen, thank you.
must garden 104

Of course I shouldn’t mention my attempts at make-shift gardening without sharing a photo or two. This goes back to the late 90’s when I lived in Seattle. My dad and I built several window boxes for my apartment, which I planted up. I also had a shelf full of containers, as well as inside widow ledges stuffed full of plants. You can’t keep a gardener from gardening, but of course you already knew that.