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Winter is nigh, at least for planting purposes. Seems I’m always playing catch up, thinking I have more time than I do. Reminds me of my annual holiday anticipation. Waiting and planning and imagining Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, and then suddenly, nothing left to do but ske-the-deck-daddle.

Thusly, I decided a wee survey for winter interest was in order, and I was happy to discover I have several plants ready to do any winter garden proud. (I love ADD: makes for such nice surprises every time I go into the garden.)

Poncirus trifoliata, bless it’s thorny limbs. This Hardy Orange made the move from my previous garden, and is going strong. It started with one skinny upright shoot, which I contemplated giving a clip. But it’s branching now, and has new sturdy shoots sprouting from the base. And it’s good friend in the background, Yucca linearifolia, is not too shabby either.

The Leucothoe fontanesiana ‘Rainbow’ shown at the top of this post lived in my former garden. It was so perfectly perched on a south facing rock wall, I couldn’t bear to take it out. But I still love that aptly named plant, and plan to get another.

A Murray Valley Queen Grevillea on my former hellstrip was fast-growing and produced scads of long-lived winter blossoms. And it plays well with others. Well-worthy of another go.

Grevillea victoriae ‘Murray Valley Queen’


And what winter, spring, summer, fall garden is complete without Yucca NOID. Came so close to ash-canning this. It had been in a patio pot for several years, and not looking great. Pulled it out of the pot, and half-way to recycling, decided to plant it instead. So glad I kept it. Pretty smashing now that it’s in the ground.

Yucca that has an i.d., I just can never remember.

Another Yucca NOID. This transplant came with almost no roots. I didn’t expect a resurrection, but it’s looking quite grand.


Would love to hear news of your winter favorites–not that I have any intention of stealing your ideas. I’ll be too busy fantasizing holiday extravaganzas.