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Just a quick note to wax poetic about Clematis tibetana var. vernayi, Zones 5 – 9. She’s a beauty. And quite vigorous. 

A million cheerful blossoms.

Oh sure, way back when, Ms. Danger told it would outgrow it’s space. And like always upon hearing those words, I thought, Pshaw.

Of course, it will have to move: it’s blocking the darn pathway. Not to be daunted, I’d still plant it again–in a heartbeat.

Little yellow lanterns. I want them hanging from my ceiling–all year round.

The finale seed heads aren’t bad either. In fact, might need to run out and pick a little bouquet. (I know the kitties would love them. Grrrrrr.)

Fireworks finale. Nice, no?

How about you? Do you have plants like that–too big and unruly for their britches–but you still can’t live without? I need to know, because I might want to try those too.

I love a challenge.