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Usually I remember the history of my plants. But this Leycesteria formosa aka Himalayan Honeysuckle has got me flummoxed. I must have purchased it, but I sure don’t remember. Or perhaps I got it at the local bloggers’ exchange?

Bright green foliage with jewel-like panicles.


Lovely arching habit with pointed heart-shaped leaves. (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.)


Mingles nicely with other plants.

The reason this Himalayan Honeysuckle is on my mind, is that I’ve been exploring locations where the dog has been digging under the fence. We had a trainer over recently. She said the solution is to give Chiquita her own digging spot. I missed the part about how we do that. But it seems like a good idea–in theory.

Oh look, there’s Chiquita now behind the bare bamboo-esque stalks.

In reviewing for this post, I noticed that Dancing Oaks Nursery recommends cutting to the ground before spring. Here’s a question for perhaps Pacific Northwest Gardeners: since it’s been so mild, did I miss the opportunity to cut back? I’m already seeing budding along the healthy green stalks.

Apologies to the famous Tim Vojt–for yet another plant that can’t survive Ohio winters.