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I got out of the house the other day. All by myself. In the car. It feels funny to be cruising the world again, well, the neighborhood anyway. Turns out, once behind the wheel, I got a few notions. I stopped by a vegan restaurant to pick up gluten free desserts.

Dessert Options at Super Nova (previously dba Back to Eden)


And as luck would have it, right across the street is another sweet spot: Thicket Garden Center.

Thicket: right over yonder on NE 23rd.


This place is a treat. I’ll give you a quick visual tour.


Enticing, no?

Right through these gates, a feast for the eyes.


I meant to examine this shell water feature more closely. It sounded heavenly.

Conifers and Clam Shell Water Feature. I covet the whole setup.


Lots of interesting planters. This one is particularly sweet. (Note to self: stop buying planters. Get out there and pull weeds!) Maybe a friend will purchase, and I can visit.

Particularly Sweet Planter


A peek inside the greenhouse. I’m just saying.

Greenhouse: Get your swoon on.


Tender plants, but can be outdoors when it warms up. My Begonias are outside already–on the front porch–and only a little mad at me.


In conclusion, visit a local nursery–or, heck, make a trip to a destination nursery. They’ll be happy to see you. You can gets some plants, and maybe a planter or two. Thicket proprietor Mary Frances told me she just placed an order for new pots, however, they are a bit in short supply. So it’s not really you fault if you go ahead and grab the one you have your eye on. That’s what I did today, when I went back for another picture of the Clam Shell water feature.

Planters O’plenty.


Aeonium just waiting to steal someone’s heart.