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I snapped these photos at Cistus Nursery last week. The vignette was so beautiful it stopped me, and then gave me a sort of melancholic shiver. Turning the calendar page and seeing the word August is a wake-up call. Summer is packing its bags, do not take it for granted.

Spring is the season of doing. The garden is doing, the gardener is doing. So much to do! Summer arrives and there’s still doing but a different kind; watering and upkeep in the garden, hosting out of town friends and family, garden tours, garden gatherings…busy busy busy.
Cistus vignette 1

August’s job is to remind us to stop and enjoy it all, relax and soak it all in. If you haven’t yet laid on your back and looked up at the summer sky – do it now. If you haven’t had your morning coffee in the garden – do it now. Spend a few minutes out in the garden before bedtime, watch the stars and stare at the moon. It’s still summer…let’s squeeze every bit we can out of it.
Cistus vignette 2

It was only later, on Facebook – a Cistus post – that I found out the name of the gorgeous Alstroemeria, A. ‘Indian Summer’. Quite apt don’t you think? With this post I’m joining up with the Wednesday Vignette focus over at Flutter & Hum.