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The great thing about walking the neighborhood is you see things you might miss from the car. I’d noticed this particular garden because it has the most exquisitely pruned Sambucus. And truth be told, I’ve been hoping to catch the pruner in the act–so I can offer to clear some of the pruned bits. Rumor has it that it’s easy plant to propagate. And I’m ready to give it a try.

So the other day, I’m walking past the Sambucus, and I finally notice the Pomegranate. Holy cow, how did I miss that?

glossy gorgeous fruits, and lots of them.
Glossy gorgeous fruits, and lots of them.
fabulous from every angle
Fabulous from every angle.
all taken from the sidewalk, mostly. is it okay to step on peoples walkways?
Pictures taken from the sidewalk, well–if you don’t count two steps up their front walkway.
closer, woah, oh, oh, let me whisper in your ear...
Closer, woah, oh, oh, let me whisper in your ear…

Crazy good, right?

I don’t know how I missed this plant in bloom. Maybe because the next street over has great gardens too, and I often take that route instead. But next year, I’ll be on the case. And when I see the gardener, I’ll ask if my guess about it being P. ‘Eight Ball’ is correct.

Here’s a wider shot of the garden. You can see why I’d be distracted. Beautifully curated and maintained.

A front garden, west-facing in the Concordia neighborhood.
A front yard garden, west-facing, in the Concordia neighborhood.

Do you have this Pomegranate, and do you think I’ve got the i.d. right? Drop a note. We love hearing from you.