open garden season: Darcy Daniels’ digs

open garden season: Darcy Daniels’ digs

I mentioned Darcy Daniels last week as one of our areas many talented garden designers. Well, lucky us–members of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HPSO)–Darcy held her garden open last week, giving fellow gardening enthusiasts an opportunity to ogle her collection in person.

HPSO is $35 to join. It’s a non-profit, volunteer-run organization open to all. The opportunity to visit open gardens alone makes for bargain entertainment, and there are myriad year-round programs and activities. Whether in PDX or another city, do yourself a favor and check out you local gardening organization. You’ll like it, I swear–all the time! (more…)

This spring’s most requested plants

This spring’s most requested plants

Geez Louise, the first half of April has been a blur. Time flies when you’re spring planting.

The Portland forecast has temperatures in the 80s this week. Too soon!

The cooler, rainier days have been perfect for transplanting, weeding, and watering in new seedlings, but today’s our last day with rain, then the temperature climbs daily, from 51 today, to 82 on Monday.

I’ve got about 20 plants waiting to get into the ground, but hot sunny days ahead means it’s go time, before all those little nursery pots need a bunch of babysitting and watering. Can you hear the second hand ticking louder by the second?

As much as I’d love to spend the whole day gardening, there’s work to be done. We’ve been quite busy adding plants and nurseries to the site. We are slowly but surely sneaking up on 30,000 plants in our database. We’ll have to have a little celebration when we hit that number. Phew.

It’s fun to see what plants are topping the charts on plant lust searches, especially this time of year when people are shopping and planting like mad. I’m happy to see a lot of drought-tolerant plants in the mix, especially in California. I’m always surprised to read about how many lawns there still are in California, since they can grow such amazing drought tolerant stuff that’s way more interesting than turf.

Top 10 plant searches of 2015