Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July

And a belated Happy Canada Day to our good northward neighbors as well. Wishing everyone wonderful celebrations with friends and family–and plants to make you swoon.

Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ aka Japanese Forest Grass

Sedum takesimense aka Stonecrop

Sedum takesimense aka Stonecrop in bloom.

Lobelia tupa aka Tabaco del diablo, Devil’s Tobacco

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gold Bar’ aka Gold Bar Maiden Grass

Amsonia hubrichtii aka Blue Star


  • linda coombs

    Happy 4th …not our favorite day ! Mickey goes bonkers at every boom 🙁

    • Patricia L Cunningham

      I know. Got lucky with my critters. We can see the Fort Vancouver fireworks from our living room. Mister was sitting in the window watching with rapt attention. Posy ran and hid in bedroom, but then, everything scares her. Sweetie Pea and puppies didn’t reacted from what I could tell. It did seem a little better this year. Did you think so?

  • Peter Herpst

    Hope your Fourth was as spectacular as those beautiful plants!

    • Patricia L Cunningham

      We watched the Fort Vancouver fireworks from our living room–because we’re sure as heck not going out there with all those people! Hope yours was grand too.

  • ricki grady

    ‘Spider Web’ seems to be a show stopper. We got a shipment and they all sold right away. ‘Lucifer’ is my kind of fireworks.

    • Patricia L Cunningham

      I really like it. It’s vigorous and trustworthy. Lucifer was here when we came. I think it could easily take over the town. I swear, I’ll divide this fall. Cheers, Rickii.

  • Tim Vojt

    Gorgeous. Love that Lobelia tupa: of course if I can’t grow it, I am required to love it!